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PP Playground Type Pairings
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PP Playground Type Pairings

Article by Studio Ground Floor

Well, we’ve done the hard work for you! Look no further than PP Playground for all of your script font needs. It’s cool, curvy, considered and captivating – what more do you need? Perhaps a partner?

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Finding the perfect pairing is always tricky. It’s akin to discovering a harmonious melody amidst a symphony of letters. Especially if you’re looking for the perfect script typeface, and even more, especially when finding a font pairing for said script typeface.

Playground and Right Grotesk

Right Grotesk, with its blend of neutrality and distinctive personality, serves as an ideal partner for PP Playground. This versatile type family offers a range of styles, each adorned with fine details, smooth curves, and moderate contrast. Whether commanding the spotlight or providing subtle support, Right Grotesk’s refined aesthetic complements Playground’s playful charm, creating a dynamic visual harmony that captivates the eye. A handsome couple, no?

Playground and Talisman

Talisman, a typeface inspired by luck and effortless simplicity, brings a touch of serendipity and an undeniably cool edge to the partnership with PP Playground. Its minimalist design and generous range of weights offer a vibrant canvas for Playground’s expressive script. Together, they form a symbiotic relationship where each typeface enhances the other’s visual impact, resulting in designs that exude oddity and elegance in equal measure.

Playground and Agrandir

Agrandir, a contemporary serifless type family celebrating imperfection and humanity, finds a cool, calm resonance with PP Playground’s expressive character. As Playground revels in experimentation and playfulness, Agrandir embraces its own quirks and unconventional shapes in a more subtle yet comparatively chunky fashion.

Playground and OT Jubilee

Courtesy of our sister foundry, OT Jubilee, a font that redefines British heritage with its regal yet unconventional charm, offers a captivating contrast to PP Playground’s whimsical script. With its hand-crafted proportions and unique character, Jubilee adds a touch of class and intrigue to Playground’s playful demeanour that, together, weaves a narrative that merges tradition with innovation whilst appearing effortlessly timeless. Slick.

Playground and Neue Montreal

Of course, we couldn’t make this list without bringing up the fan favourite… Neue Montreal, a versatile Grotesque font inspired by the vibrant design scene of Montreal, forms a dynamic duo with PP Playground, whose uber-clean lines and contemporary aesthetic provide a modern backdrop for Playground’s classical, expressive construction. Whether used for branding or editorial purposes, this pairing strikes the perfect balance between elegance and impact, making it an ideal choice for, well, just about anything?