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Stellar Sans
Stellar Sans
Stellar Sans
Stellar Sans
Stellar Sans

Stellar is a condensed sans serif type with a taller
x-height to give it legibility and personality. 
It comes in four weights and
was designed to give purpose to your ideas, galactic or atomic.

4 styles with 206 glyphs each.
Language support for the Americas and part of Western Europe.

Commercial Licenses & Usages

Comprehensive licenses are available for Desktop, Web and App usage. You need one (1) desktop license for every workstation the font will be installed on, with it you can create all the logos, print and non-embedded material you want for the same project. You need the Web (or App) license to reflect the number of pageviews (or Active users) the website (or App) is getting every month. These licenses are for one (1) website or one (1) app. You need to purchase a license for each website or app. These are one-time fee licenses (per project). One (1) license(s) purchase is for One (1) project.
For any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Font Sampler & Specimen

Try the font right here. Change the text, play with size, styles and glyphs. If you want to test the font in your projects, don't hesitate to try it for free.

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Stellar Sans
Stellar Sans
Stellar Sans