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Weirdest Fonts to use in 2024
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Weirdest Fonts to use in 2024

Article by Studio Ground Floor

An exploration into OFF TYPE’s eccentric collection of wonderfully weird fonts

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As we step into the creative realms of 2024, the pursuit of distinctive typography takes centre stage, and OFF TYPE emerges as a trailblazing foundry unafraid to challenge norms. This year, embrace the avant-garde with fonts that defy convention and embrace novelty and originality – where each typeface is not just a letter but a statement. Welcome to the weird and wonderful!

OT Neue Montreal Squeezed

Why bother compressing fonts when you can have them professionally pressed?! The already-cult-classic, Neue Montreal Ultra Squeezed, is quite a bold departure from the norm, built upon the timeless Grotesque sans serif Neue Montreal. With a foundation rooted in a hard-working, city-inspired aesthetic, this stretched counterpart offers a trend-ready, freshly-squeezed allure, ready to make a statement in any project. Not to mention that, with a staggering array of 70 styles and 768 glyphs, Neue Montreal Squeezed is a phenomenally versatile tool in your typographic arsenal.

OT Miniature

Step into the enchanting (and teeny tiny) realm of Miniature, a font that deftly balances theatricality and restraint. Its sturdy baroque structure stands tall, quite literally, boasting an unconventionally tall x-height that sets it apart. In its 14 distinct styles, ranging from light to black, Miniature transforms into an earnest display font – ideal for the dynamic needs of punchy postmodern brands, editorial explorations, and contemporary cultural exhibitions.

OT Jubilee

Navigate the challenging context, legacies, and reputations of British institutions with Jubilee – a font that marries the pomp (and ridiculousness– of the Windsor Royal Family with the iconic (and equally renowned/problematic) Gill Sans. Available in six weights, from Silver to Diamond, each representing a Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Jubilee seamlessly blends elegance and practicality. Its hand-crafted proportions, unique icons, crests, and diamond-like punctuation across 694 glyphs establish Jubilee as a font with a character unlike any other in its genre.

OT Brut

Brains + Brawn = Brut. A font that embodies the limits and expectations of high-contrast serifs, Brut flips the neoclassical classic Bodoni on its head, becoming a genre-defining statement across its curveless, angular design – reminiscent of brutalist architecture. With four distinctive styles, each housing 502 glyphs, this font is not just a visual treat; it’s a powerhouse of rigid construction and handy tools for creating exciting, interlocking typography.

OT Yokai

In the peculiar realm of OFF TYPE’s eccentric collection, Yokai emerges as a true monster – not in its demeanour but in its mysterious, ghostly design. This extended grotesque font defies conventional expectations, embodying a mythical fusion of brutalism and futurism. Yokai’s broad letterforms, resembling teeth and claws, evoke a sense of both danger and intrigue. Despite its grotesque classification, Yokai carries a character that is far from monstrous; instead, it’s quite the kind creature – forever misunderstood in the typographic landscape. With a semi-fixed width, low x-height, and a palette of 7 weights, Yokai offers a mythical mixture, inviting designers to embrace the bold and brave in their creative endeavours.