A bit about the
Pangram Pangram Foundry

The Pangram Pangram Foundry was founded by designer Mathieu Desjardins almost 3 years ago.

Compared to its peers, it gives free access to quality fonts to everyone for personal use. Licenses are available to purchase for commercial projects. The idea is to allow those who use fonts the most (mostly designers) to play and work with them in their entirety and at the time of a commercial project, let their client/employer purchase the commercial license.

We really feel that our fonts should be shared, used and viewed by as much people as possible. That the typefaces we create should amplify ideas and make designs greater. That's our goal at Pangram Pangram®.

We truly hope you enjoy our work!

If you have any questions about how all of this works head over to the FAQ section or for any other inquiries don't hesitate to drop us a line here.

You can also follow our journey on Instagram, this is where we post most of our day to day.