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How to pair a monospace font: Right Mono Serif pairings
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How to pair a monospace font: Right Mono Serif pairings

Article by Studio Ground Floor

With so much choice, we’ll help you make the Right decisions.

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With each and every new release of Pangram Pangram comes the promise of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what we can expect – especially when Alex Slobzheninov is involved!

Welcome Pangram Pangram’s latest triumph, disrupting the conventions of the monospaced genre whilst injecting a much-needed vibrancy to the typographic space. The distinctive character and personality of Right Serif Mono lie not just in its twisted proportions or monospaced structure but in the way it seamlessly blends familiarity with distinctiveness. At the end of the day, it’s a phenomenally versatile font – with seven total styles – capable of being the protagonist in a typographic narrative or playing a supporting role in a harmonious ensemble, inviting creatives to explore the interplay of form and function.

To find out more about the nuances of its design (and much more), check out our Backstage interview with Alex here! In the meantime, let’s turn towards the typefaces that pair best with Right Serif Mono. Despite its strength in isolation, it never hurts to have a companion along the way – be it a straight-cut Grotesk sans serif, a flourishing serif or even another compelling (and peculiar) monospace.

Right Serif Mono and Right Grotesk

Style and versatility clearly run in the family… Not far from the tree, Right Grotesk pairs incredibly with its monospaced counterpart, together seamlessly blending the neutrality and functionality of workhorses with the distinctive Right personality that so clearly sets it apart from the rest. Not to mention, with 14 styles with 789 glyphs each, including italic and Cyrillic support, Right Grotesk is undoubtedly a competent partner, as well as a playful one. A humble hero rejecting trends, preferring to be timeless.

Right Serif Mono and Neue Montreal

A pragmatic duo for all seasons, in pairing Right Serif Mono with Neue Montreal, you can’t help but create a classic, dynamic synergy that transcends traditional typographic boundaries. The versatile Grotesque font perfectly complements Right Serif Mono’s unconventional energy whilst boasting 14 weights – providing the perfect balance of functionality and flair. Together, Right Serif Mono and Neue Montreal are a powerhouse, offering a harmonious blend of precision and personality.

Right Serif Mono and Brut

Courtesy of Pangram Pangram’s sister type foundry Off Type, Brut introduces both a brutalist edge and wonderfully unusual energy to the monospace scene. When paired with Right Serif Mono, these charming oddities are only ever heightened! An unexpected alternative to high-contrast serifs, Brut creates a fascinating interplay with Right Serif Mono’s monospaced structure whilst challenging traditional typographic norms through its discretionary ligatures, linkable serif characters, and coding abbreviations. In coupling Brut’s rigorous, angular design with Right Serif Mono’s energetic personality, the collision creates forms with a captivating alliance, going beyond the conventional aesthetics of typographic expression.

Right Serif Mono and Editorial New

When precision meets elegance, in this case Right Serif Mono and Editorial New, the result is a symphony of sophistication. Editorial New, a striking serif with 16 styles to its name, is a versatile choice (as well as a fan favourite across brands and books), striking a perfect balance between precision and personality. Moreover, its narrower, refined characters complement the distinctive shapes of Right Serif Mono, offering designers a refined arsenal to take advantage of, a fact even more relevant due to Editorial New’s latest update featuring original italics crafted by Pangram Pangram’s Francesca Bolognini.

Right Serif Mono and Right Slab

Right Slab, the big brother of the Right family, with seven styles and 564 glyphs each, brings chunky serifs and an extended structure to the forefront. Evoking cinematic vibes, Right Slab becomes the ideal choice for grabbing attention in large display sizes. Therefore, in partnership with Right Serif Mono, they form a bold cinematic alliance. The chunky serifs of Right Slab not only complement the energetic personality of Right Serif Mono but create a captivating visual narrative – demanding of attention.