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The Pangram Pangram® Free Font Pairing Guide — Volume 1
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The Pangram Pangram® Free Font Pairing Guide — Vol. 1

Article by Mat Desjardins

Font pairing can be tricky with all the fonts out there. There are a lot of options, weights, variants, etc... How do you pair a serif with a sans? Can you use a display font as text?

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To answer most of the questions you could have we have decided to create this guide for pairing the Pangram Pangram free fonts with some of the other great free fonts available to everyone. Below, we have provided a bunch of simple designs that highlight how good pairing works with contrasts, colors and weights.

Without any more fluff, let's get right into it!

Neue Montreal and Eczar

These two fonts pair super well together. Using Eczar as your title in its ExtraBold weight and Neue Montreal as your body text will work magic for your designs. Make sure the size contrast is big enough. In this first example we used 135pt for the title and 24pt for the body text which is obviously super large but you can use the same ratio (5.625:1) if you need to go smaller. You also see this in action throughout our site (Neue Montreal only).

The bold and sharp angles of Eczar really capture the attention and focus of the reader while the soothing, well-kerned Neue Montreal brings a great balance of contrast between title and body. The second example shows a more editorial look for the pairing.

Download Neue Montreal for free

Stellar Sans and Cardo

A great way to set off your designs is to use All-Caps titles. A free font that renders great in all caps is our Stellar Sans. When paired with a slick serif like Cardo you will add nothing but fire to your designs.

TAgain here, the use of good contrast really helps in creating that impact. This approach can be used in a variety of context (website heroes, museum exhibits, show posters, etc...).

Make sure you try this pairing and design approach in your next project by downloading Stellar Sans for free.

Supply Mono and Rubik

A good monospace font like Supply Mono can go a long way in modern designs and digital applications. When paired with a bold Sans Serif like Rubik you get something with a great deal of tension. Tension is good in graphic design for many reasons one of which is to captivate the viewer attention by presenting something that doesn't look natural to the eye.

Supply Mono brings some "quirkiness" while Rubik sets solid foundations for optimal tension. Don't hesitate to play with size contrasts and angles with these ones to make sure your design generates enough tension.

Make sure you try this pairing and design approach in your next project by downloading Download Supply Mono for free.

Download Supply Mono for free and start creating that visual tension.

Fuji Sans and Pangram Sans

For this last one, I thought it would be nice to show you a pairing between two of our free fonts: Fuji Sans and Pangram Sans. I really feel those two fonts go well together. The Bold weight on Fuji Sans is nice and structured but has a roundness to it. Paired with the thinner weights of the more geometric Pangram Sans, we get a nice title to body flow.

Fuji Sans renders well in both all-caps and lowercase for titles so don't hesitate to try both approaches. With its geometry, Pangram Sans works super well as a body. It can be organized in a more classic way or in a really graphic manner to add some tension. In Ads or posters or hero texts, play around with the way the word looks (not just the sentence or the paragraph) there is a world of possibilities in there.

Download Pangram Sans and Fuji Sans for free and start creating your next eye-catching layout!

Thank you so much for reading!