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The Best Fonts of 2023
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The Best Fonts of 2023

Article by Studio Ground Floor

Looking back at Pangram Pangram’s triumphant year of typographic releases!

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As we usher in 2024, the team at Pangram Pangram look to continue the remarkable work and creative exploration they tested, toiled over, trialled, researched, welcomed and released in the year prior.

Drawing the curtains on 2023, it’s exciting to look back on our triumphant 365 days, releasing not only a number of vibrant font families but additionally a brand-spanking-new, wonderfully weird sister type foundry Off Type, alongside Pangram Playground – our slick, product-focused space for the original and unexpected. Beyond that, the statistics speak for themselves, painting a picture of Pangram Pangram’s ever-growing, ever-connected community and network with the wider creative scene.

Together with our best-selling fonts Neue Machina, Agrandir, Monument Extended, Editorial New and Neue Montreal (also our most Googled font!), we’ve gained over 24K followers and have witnessed over 2,266,000 Minutes on our websites. That’s 37,767 Hours or 1,574 Days or 4.31 Years! Likewise, our amazing creative community has spent 17,280 Minutes watching our Instagram reels… that’s over twelve days of continuous viewing!

With many fresh fonts set free across the year, our most loved new release was our first, Editorial Old, which arrived in early 2023, embodying the evolution and creative philosophy of Pangram Pangram – one of rigour, research, restraint (and lack thereof) and unbridled expression. One that listens to our community, draws on legacy, looks towards typographic futures, and unifies this approach within meticulous, well-crafted fonts.

Looking over our top new releases, this practice is a clear thread across each and every release, apparent in each and every letterform, appreciated in each and every application.

Editorial Old

Released: March 2023

Designers: Mathieu Desjardins, Fred Wiltshire and Francesca Bolognini

In the tapestry of new releases, Editorial Old stands out as our fresh interpretation of the beloved fan-favourite, Editorial New. Rooted in the vintage ads of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Editorial Old takes us on a nostalgic journey with soft terminals, luscious ligatures, and a deliberately eroded charm across its 16 Styles and italics – ultimately encapsulating the essence of the bygone era while adding a contemporary twist.

Air Sans and Air Mono

Released: June 2023

Designers: Mat Desjardins and Caio Kondo

A harmonious collision of brutalism, minimalism, and (excitingly) aerospace design, Air and Air Mono are quite literally a breath of fresh creativity. Crafted by Mat Desjardins and Caio Kondo, these typefaces transcend the conventional, offering a visually appealing and experimental aesthetic across all 18 styles and italics. The extensive character map and diverse weights make Air a versatile choice, inviting designers to explore the uncharted territories of creativity.

Neue Montreal Mono

Released: September 2023

Designers: Mat Desjardins and Amélie Bonet

Neue Montreal Mono, an undeniable fusion of style and functionality, is an offspring of the bestseller Neue Montreal that redefines monospace fonts. Designed by Mat Desjardins and Amélie Bonet, it introduces coding ligatures and remarkable technological features like Button-mode that ultimately cement the monospace as a profoundly contemporary typeface. With a clean, effortless aesthetic, each of its 14 styles – with no less than 2339 glyphs in each, alongside multilingual support – Neue Montreal Mono offers creatives the power of endless possibility.


Released: October 2023

Designers: Samuel Salminen, Mat Desjardins and Francesca Bolognini

Pangaia, a collaboration between Samuel Salminen, Mat Desjardins, and Francesca Bolognini, is a testament to the seamless blend of traditional serif fonts and the raw beauty of nature. Each character in Pangaia is a meticulous creation, echoing the contours of leaves, riverbanks, and mountain slopes – poetically laced within the forms and figures of all 18 styles. From plunging swashes to powerful italic cuts, Pangaia embodies a connection and respect for our planet through typographic artistry, typographically exposing Mother Nature’s uncorrupted grandeur.

Right Grotesk Mono
Right Serif Mono

Released: December 2023

Designer: Alex Slobzheninov

Introducing playful twists and turns to the blossoming monospace space, Right Grotesk Mono – the compelling, characterful font that powerfully closed out Pangram Pangram’s year in type – from Alex Slobzheninov truly spiced up the genre. Challenging the rigidity of monospaced design with playful details and subtle surprises throughout its 14 styles and matching italics. Its friendly technological look makes it a versatile fit for various projects, reading comfortably in paragraphs and remaining recognisable in large sizes. Simply put, Right Grotesk Mono adds a touch of playfulness to the disciplined world of monospaced characters. Furthermore, if you fancied something a bit more fancy, Right Grotesk Mono was released alongside Right Serif Mono, a distinctive, striking, and studious typeface offering a unique tone that’s both refreshingly nostalgic and fearlessly contemporary.  

As the clock resets and a new year beckons, Pangram Pangram stands poised at the intersection of tradition and innovation, ready to script another chapter in the fascinating narrative of type design. The journey continues, and the exploration of the creative unknown remains an enduring theme for this remarkable type foundry.

Here’s to more fonts, more creativity, and more stories told through the artistry of type 🍻

All these fonts are free to try, with licences starting at only $30 💞