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Bon Jovi

Created by Neverbland

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An all-access pass to the Bon Jovi archives

Bon Jovi has released 15 studio albums along with several live albums and has sold over 120 million albums worldwide.For the first time ever Bon Jovi is opening up their archives to celebrate the bands 40th anniversary. ‘Backstage with Bon Jovi’ will provide fans with an immersive central point to explore the band’s history through digital exhibits, and get lost in thousands of archival materials.

Collaborating with Jon, his management, and archivist teams a concept was created featuring a series of rooms acting as an entry point to various themed media galleries. As you land on the website, a journey unfolds revealing a different facet of Bon Jovi's world—his music studio, backstage haven, and office space. Our team created x3 3D rooms consisting of 50 custom items based on references photography.

Explore the 3D rooms to unearth exclusive footage and artefacts, offering a glimpse into the intricate process of album creation, spanning from writing and rehearsals to recording sessions. Immerse yourself in the band's greatest hits, behind-the-scenes snippets, interviews, and personal mementos. Take a nostalgic trip through tour life with spotlight photos, live recordings, stage wardrobe, setlists, posters, and merchandise. The bands archivist team had been carefully collecting, documenting, scanning, and archiving a range of materials for 2 years leading up to the digital exhibition project.

Dealing with thousands of artefacts requires a solid and future-proof content infrastructure allowing the artefacts to be easily referenced across the site for both visitors and content managers. “This is a labor of love, meticulously curated to bring you the very best of Bon Jovi’s history. We have archived every notebook, every cassette, every video, guitars, clothes, press clippings, things we didn’t know we had and it’s all there for you, enjoy it.” Bon Jovi, Founder & Frontman

Discover the Bon Jovi journey, tracing it from the creation of the first hit to the band's 40th Anniversary via online exhibits. These displays offer a profound level of detail, allowing devoted fans to immerse themselves for hours.

Look at handwritten lyrics on napkins, listen to early demos, glimpse into Jon's upbringing, and witness every aspect of the music-making process—it's all here, and more. Bon Jovi embarked on this project aiming to give back to fans who have consistently supported the band.

The response to 'Backstage with Bon Jovi' has been remarkable, attracting over 70k visitors and accumulating 600k page views within the first week. With monthly releases scheduled for the next two years, there's much more to come. Stay tuned!

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these out ↓↓(Some more
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