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The best magazines about type, design and creativity right now
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The best magazines about type, design and creativity right now

Article by Studio Ground Floor

Type, IRL.

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We think it’s fair to say that most designers love a good ol’ piece of print.

From big books and postcards to cafe receipts and fly posters, there is something magical and satisfying in the tactility of type in the real world – big or small. And what’s even better than something nicely printed? Something nicely printed about creativity.

There are dozens of wonderful magazines about type, design and creativity out there, but often it’s hard to know what’s actually good beyond its design. Nobody likes wasting money on something they thought they’d like, only to find out it wasn’t up to scratch.

That’s why we’ve compiled a lovely list of the best magazines to buy right now, covering a wide range of creative fields, including type design, graphic goods, artistic play, drawing delights and all-around clever creative thinking. If it’s a gift for someone else or a self-care sweet treat, we’re sure you’ll find something to your taste. Get browsing!


TYPEONE is the bi-annual magazine for modern creatives. Providing a refreshing take on the graphic design and typography industry for every issue, with advice from industry practitioners, artistic spotlights, designer stories and opinion pieces, it's the perfect blend for personal and professional inspiration. Covering the culture, business, technology, and innovation of the typographic scene – if you want type, TYPEONE's got it.

Revue Faire

Remarkably produced at a rate of one issue every two weeks from September to June, Revue Faire is a powerful and striking seasonal, bimonthly magazine that offers a refreshing, critical take on Graphic Design. Currently heading into its third season, the magazine has become a sensational hub for not only simply expressing the latest and greatest in contemporary creative thinking but also doing so in a way that beautifully encapsulates and challenges the design scene itself.


Since its launch in Germany in 2004, Slanted magazine has provided the world with a comprehensive insight into the world of typography. Having started as a humble blog, the magazine has since grown and evolved significantly, now offering an interdisciplinary approach that covers topics related to design, illustration, photography and more, with the issue of each issue changing cover to cover – a truly intriguing and inspiring overview of the world of typography.


Earnest, honest and influential, Riposte Magazine offers a refreshing, female-led take on the world around us, championing the creative perspectives, creations, works and words of women from across the globe. Featuring interviews that challenge power structures and stereotypes, the magazine and online platform provides open accounts of success and failure alongside individual practices, passions and views. Alongside this, readers can explore thought-provoking essays and features covering a broad range of topics, from art and design to social justice and environmentalism. Essential reading.


Wonderful, whimsical, weird and world-class, MacGuffin unapologetically explores themes that are both niche and all-encompassing, doing so as researcher, storyteller and obsessive. With each issue centring around a single object – from Rugs and Chains to Ropes and Sinks – MacGuffin’s readers are encouraged to investigate the life of unexpectedly inspiring things. With meticulous research and beautiful design, MacGuffin is an indispensable resource for any creative looking to learn more about the world around them and be artistically inspired whilst at it.


Tool Magazine is the ultimate guide to understanding the craftsmanship and techniques behind the design and manufacture of art, architecture, interiors, industry and crafts. Committing each issue to a specific manufacturing technique, this slick, sensationally designed publication provides an accessible overview of each craft’s history and contemporary practice – celebrating the people behind the objects that make up our everyday lives and the stories that have inspired our collective imagination.


Opening readers’ minds to the potential of tactile, elegant and expressive mark-making, FUKT Magazine – which launched in Norway back in 1999 before relocating to Berlin in 2001, where it made its bed – is an outstanding annual periodically dedicated to the act of drawing. From scribbles to still life, FUKT leads the editorial world in art and illustration discourse, highlighting an international array of creative talents. Plus, look at those covers. Are you kidding?!


PILOT Magazine is slightly different from what you might expect from a traditional magazine. Self-described as a ‘digest dedicated to all things creative, experimental, and authentic’, the unapologetic, enthusiastic editorial has sought to challenge what a magazine actually is, collating chronicles of art, music, film, fashion and more that don’t necessarily fit into conventional, comfortable narratives. All the while packaging their curation spectacularly. Their latest issue, in fact, turns a magazine into a playable board game. Amazing.