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Round and Round
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Round and Round is a digital platform that provides Sydney residents know-how and local connections to go circular and further a more sustainable Sydney.

We’re at a tipping point with consumption and waste in Australia. We love to buy the new, the next, the many, and we’re way too good at throwing things away! The latest stats revealing each Australian is producing around 2.95T of rubbish a year. Ow! Each acquisition and disposal we make begetting a black mark on planet earth and big bill in waste services. This calls for a massive shift in people’s behaviours. It also calls for motivating resources to support and enable more responsible choices and actions.

Round and Round has been developed by Accompany as a tangible commitment and demonstration of our aim to create work that contributes to a better future. We want to drive behavioural change, encourage people to make better choices with their personal consumption and household waste and bring about a social movement that advocates a sustainable agenda. All levels of Australian government; council, state and national have committed to transitioning to a circular economy and reducing waste. This means Australians need to be consuming less, passing on our items, sharing, borrowing, repurposing, recovering, repairing and extending the life of what we have and most significantly minimising waste in landfill.

Our research revealed the extent of the problems and the gap between residents’ motivation, knowledge and effort. We also found that there are many places to help keep things in use as much as possible, however there is no single, comprehensive eco-system bringing these offerings together in a dynamic, inspiring way. So, we put our creative skills to good use to create a bold, bright and easy-to-use platform. The Round and Round website experience is structured around 3 key circular actions; Reuse, Repair and Rehoming. We want residents to develop habits and prioritise these actions over recycling and disposal. Each category within the website showcasing service providers in a snackable format and providing ease of connection.

At its heart, Round and Round is more than a digital platform, it aims to bring about a social movement, drive behavioural change and encourage Sydneysiders to step up.

Purposefully, we pursued a very distinctive visual design and verbal language. Hand-generated illustrations express concepts in a friendly and accessible way and lend themselves to dynamic animations. Messaging plays into information and culture, delivered positively and playfully. Packaged within vibrant colours, patterns and linework this is about being strategic in our expression to stimulate interest and action.

As a pilot program for our hometown of Sydney, we aim to establish Round and Round as a well-loved and well-frequented resource, developing and taking learnings before we expand to other capital cities across the country.

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