Brutalist fonts
in brutalist designs

A lot of people these days are exploring/creating brutalist designs and it definitely brought a breath of fresh air in today's design currents. The brutalist trend touches many areas of the design world from architecture to pieces of furniture, materials, and color palettes, this style seems to have earned a permanent spot on the design trend list.

Kern King is dead.
Long live Kern King!
The great template for kerning types.

Spacing and kerning, like letters themselves, are best judged within the context of words set in lines of type. Our eyes take in letters better as words than as random strings of characters.

Free Font Pairing Guide
— Vol. 2
Neue Montreal,
the Grotesk Workhorse.

The Volume 2 is here designers and font lovers!
This one focuses on one of our workhorse typeface — Neue Montreal.

We created a couple of examples/designs to highlight the possible pairings with our other free fonts and hopefully inspire you!

2018 Russia Football World Cup Kit Fonts Review

Many of you are probably watching the 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup as you are reading this and as many of you are designers, you are also probably looking at the kit designs. Some are very well thought out, some more sober or minimalist with key details.

The Pangram Pangram®
Free Font Pairing Guide
— Vol. 1

Font pairing can be tricky with all the fonts out there. There are a lot of options, weights, variants, etc... How do you pair a serif with a sans? Can you use a display font as text?