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Neue Montreal Mono Pairings
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Neue Montreal Mono Pairings

Article by Studio Ground Floor

The best font pairings for Pangram Pangram's remarkable monospace typeface, Neue Montreal Mono!

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In the wonderful, ever-evolving realm of typography that we exist in, Pangram Pangram’s inspired release, Neue Montreal Mono, could be said to be the epitome of form and function combined.

Born from the DNA of its celebrated predecessor, Neue Montreal, this monospaced marvel demonstrates not only the attention Pangram Pangram pays its community and the wider creative scene, but its meticulous approach to evolving and improving the renowned families of the foundry.

Beyond a mere aesthetic evolution, Neue Montreal Mono serves as a dynamic tool, studiously crafted to meet the evolving needs of designers, developers, and creatives in the fast-paced world of contemporary design – a versatile solution that seamlessly fuses style and functionality. As a monospaced version of the beloved Neue Montreal, it doesn’t just follow design trends, but instead it sets new standards, as well as boasting 14 styles – each a testament to thoughtful design and microscopic attention to detail.

Perhaps labelling Neue Montreal Mono as a tool doesn’t go far enough. After all, with multilingual support, italics and coding ligatures, Neue Montreal Mono is not just a tool; it’s an entire toolkit. The expansive character set opens up possibilities, making it a go-to choice for creatives seeking a single typeface for diverse projects. From a sleek interface to intricate lines of code, the typeface offers clarity and adaptability across all contemporary creative spaces.

However, the question arises, when using Neue Montreal Mono, what fonts do you pair it with? Well, worry not, as we’ve got a few ideas to get you started.

Editorial New and Neue Montreal Mono

Whilst Neue Montreal Mono brings a perfect fusion of style and functionality within a more technical space, Editorial New welcomes an elegant and nuanced duality – the sleek, narrow form of which commands both long-form copy and powerful headlines. In short, its persona, straddling mid-90s retro charm and contemporary richness, makes it an ideal companion to Neue Montreal Mono. Editorial New exudes an unrivalled refinement in its lighter weights, poised for applications in the fashion industry, editorial content and beyond. The heavier weights make bold statements with lush curves, adding personality and flair. The marriage of these weights with luscious, curvy italics creates a dynamic partnership, making Editorial New the perfect counterpart for Neue Montreal Mono’s clean monospacing – a visual symphony where crisp precision meets refined character. Distinctive versatility.

Neue Montreal and Neue Montreal Mono

It is, perhaps, an obvious pairing, but an unrivalled one at that. After all, Neue Montreal is the precursor to its monospace counterpart. Not to mention that the fan-favourite sans serif is a versatile, practical juggernaut of a font – with 14 weights, italics, Cyrillic support and more. It’s a no-brainer.

Right Grotesk and Neue Montreal Mono

Neue Montreal Mono and Right Grotesk are quite the dynamic duo. With its monospaced versatility tailored for coding projects, Neue Montreal Mono seamlessly integrates alongside Right Grotesk’s unique charm. Right Grotesk, designed for both serious and playful endeavours, brings a distinctive personality with its fine details, smooth curves, and slightly unusual anatomy. This typeface, neither trendy nor timeless but just ‘Right,’ acts as the perfect companion to Neue Montreal Mono, offering a high-quality, versatile type family. Whether functioning as a loud hero or a humble supporting actor, Right Grotesk complements its ultra-clean aesthetic and extensive character set. The synergy of these two typefaces is sure to enrich any designer’s typographic toolkit, providing a harmonious balance between functionality and distinctive design elements.

Agrandir and Neue Montreal Mono

In the symbiotic world of typefaces, the fusion of Agrandir and Neue Montreal Mono creates a harmonious pairing that celebrates imperfection with elegance. Agrandir, a contemporary sans serif type family – designed as a bold antithesis to neutral modernist fonts – accepts its own shapes with unaligned, unconventional aesthetics, ultimately celebrating the human touch. Meanwhile, Neue Montreal Mono embraces a more clean, mechanical space in comparison, together becoming a genuinely versatile pair. Whether it’s for big-size headlines, websites, logos, or posters, Agrandir’s diverse flavours and tight spacing complement Neue Montreal Mono’s coding ligatures and extensive character set – blending imperfection and precision to enrich any and all creative projects.

OT Jubilee and Neue Montreal Mono

When it comes to Jubilee, any application, style, or shape is a real treat. Even better that, in situ with Neue Montreal Mono, they make a wicked pairing – a majestic duo redefining British elegance. Jubilee, a transformative typeface marrying the grandeur and pomp of the Windsor Royal Family with Gill Sans, brings a fresh perspective to British design legacies. With variable styles ranging from Silver to Diamond across optical sizes, Jubilee seamlessly adapts from elegant display to practical workhorse. The beautifully uneven, hand-crafted proportions of Jubilee’s letterforms – adorned with unique icons, crests, and diamond-like punctuation – infuse the font with a character unparalleled in its genre. Alongside Neue Montreal Mono, renowned for its clean, modern aesthetic and monospaced versatility, Jubilee adds a touch of British sophistication to its coding ligatures and extensive character set.