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The Art of Bill Viola
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The Art of Bill Viola

Created by Olivia Verdugo

Featuring: Cirka

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2019 Exhibition identity, brochure, and invitation for I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like The Art of Bill Viola at the Barnes Foundation.

American artist Bill Viola (b. 1951) is renowned for his genre-defying work in new media. His installations feature moving images that invite meditations on birth, death, spiritual themes, and the nature of human consciousness.

Viola's works frequently feature strongly centered compositions, which we chose to mirror in the exhibition identity. The brochure is printed economically in black ink on uncoated stock. The invitation features black spot UV ink on matte-coated black stock, evoking Viola's art's quiet, dark nature. Exhibition wall texts were executed through silk-screen printing directly to the wall and cut vinyl application.

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Content taken from Olivia Verdugo