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Valentine’s present ideas for designers you love 💘
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Valentine’s present ideas for designers you love 💘

Article by Studio Ground Floor

14 hand-curated gift ideas for designers you love this Valentine's Day

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Okay so, yes, Valentine’s day is super commercial, and yes, there are lots of reasons to just bin it off. BUT we’re romantics at heart, and it is a good excuse to buy the person you love a lovely little present. Especially if those presents are from creative businesses or craftspeople. And even better if the love of your life is a designer 💘

We’ve curated 14 present ideas for Feb the 14th for the designer you love, sure to fill the beautiful book or tempting tee-shaped hole in their life. Whether your love language is gift-giving or receiving gifts, there is something on this list for you – carefully curated with love. (And, yes, we are just listing things we would like. Hint, hint.)

1. PP Font Starter Pack

Starting with the true love of every designer’s life — fonts. The Pangram Pangram Font Starter Pack comes with 40 typefaces and 18 mockups, all for only $29. For the love you’ll receive in return, that’s a bargain.

2. Desktop Calendar by Enzo Mari, 1967

A calendar showing every day that they’ll be in love with you. That’s 365 days a year, if you were wondering.

3. Why Books? Family Tee. Actual Source

A stunner from Actual Source — a beautiful tee that will only make your favourite designer look even more beautiful.

4. PP32 Specimen Book

Talking of books, here’s a good one. A swiss bound, hardback 450 page beauty. 32 Pangram typefaces to pore over and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy.

5. Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

A classic design from the 30’s, and a pen that writes like a dream. Sometimes simple is best when it comes to presents.

6. Midori Notebook

The ideal pairing for the Kaweco Pen, the simple, yet perfect, MD notebook lays flat and is beautifully minimal. With gridded, lined and dotted versions, there’s a perfect match for every designer’s tastes and needs. Will you be my valentine?

7. An Introduction to Bookbinding

If the designer you love is as into printed publications as they are in to their London lifestyle, the London Centre for Book Arts (LCBA) offers some incredible workshops that take you through the ins and outs of all things print-based.

8. New Aesthetic 3

The latest, greatest and most forward-thinking of contemporary type design all in a beautiful big pink book. The colour of love and striking type… call us cheesy, but typographic Valentine’s much?

9. PP x Casetify cases

Type, travel and technology (plus a pretty great font foundry) in one handy collaboration. Maybe next year you’ll buy them a ticket to actually visit one of these places? A girl can dream.

10. Good Press Monthly Subscription

Support both your favourite Glaswegian printing cooperative and your lover’s addiction to printed goodness with their wonderful subscription, where a hand-curated collection of books, zines (and everything in between) is delivered right to your door every month!

11. Elliott Ulm Poster

A foundry favourite, Elliott Ulm continues to channel creative anxieties, worries and industry ridiculousnesses in his striking poster series. (Usually featuring many of our fonts!)

12. The Interviews: Volume One

The latest series from The Brand Identity, The Interviews: Volume One catalogues half a decade of industry expertise, foresight and hindsight in one pocket-sized creative package.

13. Love Man: Forever and Ever Again (Ben Marcus, David Krueger)

Captivatingly exploring an intergalactic stud’s dual desires – love and 7-Eleven Slurpees – Ben Marcus and David Krueger’s Love Man combines hilarious wit with equally heart-warming imagery, guaranteed to make you (and your love) smile.

14. Alec Doherty Jewellery — Bitter Sweet

And what Valentine’s Day present list is complete without some jewellery? Not this one. This reversible charm necklace from Alec Doherty has two sides, but is wholly witty, and carefully crafted. Wear your heart on your neck, not your sleeve.

Lots of love from, the Pangram Paper 💘