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Type design resources
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Type design resources

Article by Studio Ground Floor

The best of the best from the best of the best.

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So, you’re into type design. That’s why you’re here. But you’re wondering where to start.

It’s a big world out there of books, website links, YouTube tutorials… and sometimes it can all seem a bit too much, scattered around the internet like a little breadcrumb trail to type design enlightenment. Sometimes you just want the good stuff – a big old loaf of nicely presented, perfectly crusty bread served on a silver platter. Yes, that’s a bread-based analogy for type design resources. Please excuse us.

But here’s the platter: an article collecting the top creatives resources for both starting out in type design and developing your knowledge. Only the best of the best from the best of the best, curated by Pangram Pangram’s own eclectic, wonderful and talented type design team.

Bookmark it. Send it to your mates. Send it to your boss. Enjoy!

Modern typography: an essay in critical history by Robin Kinross
Theory of Type Design by Gerard Unger
Designing Type by Karen Cheng
Understanding Molecular Typography by Woody Leslie and H.F. Henderson
Typographics 2017: Untitled with Kris Sowersby
Notes on the Type, Time, Letters & Spirits from Sternberg Press
Revue Faire
Type Tricks: Your Personal Guide to Type Design by Sofie Beier
Bi-Scriptual: Typography and Graphic Design with Multiple Script Systems from Niggli
Histoire visuelle de l’art typographique by Paul McNeil
Manuel d’anatomie typographique by Stephen Coles
The importance of typeface design by Agyei Archer (TEDxPortofSpain)
The stroke: theory of writing by Gerrit Noorfij
Detail in typography by Jost Hochuli
The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst
Type Sign Symbol by Adrian Frutiger
Nicer Tuesdays: Sharp Type
Typography: A manual of design by Emil Ruder
Die neue Typographie by Jan Tschichold
TYPEONE Magazine


Our PP32 Specimen Book

If you still want more typography in your life, we still have a few copies left of our very own Specimen Book. A collated volume of our first 32 typefaces.