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Barcelona-based creative studio Bakoom have partnered with Catalonia’s design and creativity festival LATENT to craft the immersive identity system for the event.

Conceptually led by the dictionary definition of the festival’s namesake, Bakoom developed a poignant, layered and graphically textural identity to embody the latter.

“Latent means ‘existing but not yet developed or manifested; hidden or concealed,’” Graphic designer Sandra Llopart tells us. “Based on this concept, we created a visual system where everything happens in a second layer,’ she adds, “which shows its desire to be present and observed,” in doing so, creating a powerful space for the identity to both express itself as a system in its own right and, most significantly, bolster the creativity championed at the festival.

Primarily digital in its applications, Bakoom also crafted lively kinetic applications throughout the identity, resulting in mesmerising, hypnotic exploration of form, texture and movement. This contemporary dynamism is then markedly contrasted with the stark application of typography, providing the identity with a firm, pragmatic grounding for the animations to flourish upon. “We chose Editorial New,” Llopart explains, discussing the choice of typeface, “it’s an elegant narrow font that gives personality,” she adds, “making quite a statement in titles.” Harmonising these two forces is Bakoom’s delicate use of colour, providing a strong sense of digital modernity throughout the brand. “We created a play of contrasts with black, white and purple,” Llopart concludes, “to represent elegance, strength and beauty, and achieve a modern look.”

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Content taken from The Brand Identity