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Designed to be your next go to pixel font, these bitmap fonts were inspired by the classic Grotesks and Serifs of our era.
With more than 600 characters, symbols and icons these were crafted for maximum legibility, versatility and pairing capacity.
The digitalization was pushed further reimagining these timeless classics to a more futuristic/brutalist yet precise aesthetic.
The meticulously crafted bitmap typeface pack will definitely uplift your next designs.

Those free-to-try typefaces are the perfect option to pair with Neue Montreal or Editorial New
to make your designs even more unique and modern.

4 styles with 600+ glyphs each.
NeueBit & Mondwest support most Latin languages.
Commercial Licenses starting at $30.
Designed by Steve Marchal

Commercial Licenses & Usages

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Comprehensive licenses are available for Desktop, Web, Social Media, App and Logo usage. You need one (1) desktop license for every workstation the font is installed on. With it you can create all the prints and non-embedded material you want for the same project. You need the Web (or App) license to reflect the number of pageviews (or Active users) the website (or App) is getting every month. These licenses are for one (1) website or one (1) app. You need to purchase a license for each website or app. You need a Social Media license representing the total number of followers of all social media platform using the font. You need a logo license representing the total number employees of the company using the logo. One (1) license(s) purchase is for One (1) project.
For any questions, make sure to check our Frequently Asked Question or consult our EULA.

Font Sampler & Specimen

Try the font right here. Change the text, play with size, styles and glyphs. If you want to test the font in your projects, don't hesitate to try it for free.

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