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Air ●

The Harmonious Collision of Brutalism, Minimalism, and Aerospace

The newest typeface of pangram pangram, originally designed by Mat Desjardins and expanded by Caio Kondo from Inari Type, embraces the duality between simplicity and experimentation, offering a visually appealing and intriguing aesthetic, a true pangram pangram font.

Step into a world where design boundaries are pushed, and artistic influences collide. We're excited to unveil our latest typeface creation, Air. Inspired by a captivating fusion of brutalism and minimalism, with a subtle nod to the sleek lines of aerospace design, Air brings a fresh and distinctive touch to the typographic landscape.

With Air, we invite you to embrace the unapologetic aesthetics of brutalism, where strong geometric forms and industrial textures intertwine to evoke a sense of raw power and authenticity. Each letter is meticulously crafted to embody the strength and unconventional beauty found in this architectural style. Simultaneously, the essence of minimalism shines through in its clean, geometric forms and stripped-down simplicity. With a deliberate reduction of unnecessary ornamentation, Air achieves a sense of purity and clarity, inviting the viewer to appreciate the purity of each letterform.