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Agrandir ●

Agrandir is a contemporary serifless type family that celebrates the beauty of being imperfect. It was designed to be a brave antipode to neutral modernist fonts ● Agrandir accepts its own shapes as they are – unaligned, quirky and funky. It celebrates humanity, not machines.

The type family consist of 74 fonts: 7 weights × 5 widths × Italics + 4 Text styles. Or just one 3-axes variable font ▲ Agrandir features a fairly good number of OpenType stylistic alternatives, which can be turned on for individual letters or as overall presets – Default, Grotesk and Geometric ■ With its wide variety of flavors and super tight spacing Agrandir​​​​​​​ is gonna do a good job for big size headlines, websites, logos and posters, and its new text styles are great for body copy.