New Year,
New You Website

It's the beginning of 2018 and it's been exactly 3 years since we started to design our very first font Pier Sans which became our best seller and the font that got the most free downloads. This really gave us the drive to pursue this beautiful project.

2018, will be a milestone year for Pangram Pangram and so we decided that it was time to redesign our whole experience and switch platforms. Here is the thinking behind the redesign.


The Design

Inspired by Dieter Rams' principles & products and Virgil Abloh's graphic approach to fashion we wanted to give space to the content — the fonts. In that sense, the website is just type, no images. A hue of green slate color tones are used paired with a bright orangy-red accent color inspired by some of Rams' products like these and Off-White labels.


The Font — Neue Montreal

We created a new font exclusively for the new site. A beautiful grotesque that's oriented for display purpose but works very well as body text. You can see the font as a refined Helvetica with a tighter kerning that works well in any settings and that is free to try. You can obviously see it in action throughout the site or you can head over to the Neue Montreal font page and subscribe to get notified when it officially comes out.


The User Experience

New platform, faster response time, easier browsing and revised pricing structure for commercial licenses. These are just a few of the things we optimized in this new version of the site. It is now much easier to find the information you are looking for and ultimately to try, download or buy fonts. The website has also much better response time than the previous one. Has a new e-commerce platform, we chose Shopify to be our trusted partner for this new era. It is a renown, robust ecomm platform that will ensure our future as a foundry providing free & commercial licenses.


The Font Sampler

Introducing a brand new font sampler! If you don't have the time to download and fully experience our fonts you can now try them live on our website. Every font page has our new font sampler available. You can now enter your text, change weight, adjust size, letter spacing and line spacing; all that without leaving our website.


The Journal

This is the place where we talk about fonts. We'll post about font design, font pairing, tips & tricks about using & designing fonts and what makes our typographer's heart beat. Come back frequently to read our new content.


Go browse our free to try fonts and experience the full extent of our brand new website!


Make sure you take look at our Definitive Pangram List — A tool for every designer.

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